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Statement Level Recompile August 22, 2007

Posted by furrukhbaig in Performance, RECOMPILE hint, SQL Server 2005, stored procedure, TSQL.
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In SQL Server 2000, the unit of compilation was the whole stored procedure. So even if you wanted just one particular query to be recompiled, you couldn’t request it. If you created the stored procedure with the RECOMPILE option, the whole procedure went through recompilation every time you invoked it.SQL Server 2005 supports statement-level recompile. Instead of having all queries in the stored procedure recompiled, SQL Server can now recompile individual statements. You’re provided with a new RECOMPILE query hint that allows you to explicitly request a recompilation of a particular query. This way, other queries can benefit from reusing previously cached execution plans if there’s no reason to recompile them every time the stored procedure is invoked.